1. Play method:
The matches in the categories U8, U9, and U10 are played 7 against 7, on a half field, in 1x 20 minutes, without changing sides.

The matches in the U11 and U12 category are played 8 against 8, on a half field, in 1x 20 minutes, without a change of half.

The matches in the U13, U14, U15 and U17 category are played 11 against 11, on an entire field, in 1x 25 minutes, without changing sides.

The referees keep the time themselves, there is no central start or whistle.

In all matches that should result in a winner, 3 penalty kicks are taken in the event of a tie to determine a winner.
So no extra time will be played.

There will be a toss before the start of each match; the winner of the toss may choose either kick-off or the end of the game to be played. If the winner of the toss chooses kick-off, the other team may. still change ends.

2. Dispensation Players:
A maximum of 3 players per age category may be 1 year older. (unless otherwise the tournament management has been consulted and/or approved

3. Exchange Policy:
Substitutions may be made continuously per match, with a maximum of 7 players.

4. Yellow & Red Cards and Strike:
A player who is shown a yellow card by the referee leads the field of play
5 minutes to leave. This player may not be replaced during his “time penalty”.

A player who receives a 2nd yellow card in the same match is excluded for the remainder of the match and may not be substituted.

A player (or coach) who is shown a red card by the referee must leave the field of play immediately, may not enter the dugout and may not be substituted.
This player is excluded from his next match, unless the tournament organization determines otherwise.

If a match is abandoned, the following actions will be taken:
– The referee passes the strike to the tournament management.
– The referee indicates a guilty party and passes it on to the tournament management.
– The guilty side will lose the match 0-3.
– When both teams are guilty of the strike, the match will turn into a 0-0 and both teams will be deducted 1 victory point.
In case of collective misconduct, the organization can have a team(s) removed from the tournament.
5. Scoring:
– 3 points for a won match
– 1 point for a draw
– 0 points for a lost match

When 2 teams are tied in goal difference, the following will be considered:
1. The goal difference
2. Number of goals scored (for)
3. the mutual result

If this is also inconclusive, the teams will take 3 penalty kicks.

6. Rules U8, U9, U10, U11 and U12:
The goalkeeper may walk to the side of the “16-meter line” with the ball in his hands and kick out of the hand.
Goal kick: The goal kick is taken from the ground within the goalkeeper area by dribbling, passing or shooting the ball, it may be taken by the goalkeeper if a field player opponent is 5 meters away.

OUT BALL: When the ball is over the sideline, we dribble the ball in.

BACK BALL: A back pass must not be taken in the hands of the goalkeeper. If repeated, an indirect free kick is awarded from 9 meters from the goal line, this free kick must first be touched by another player before a goal can be scored. Of course, a wall may be erected for defense, it must be 5m from the ball.

OFFSIDE: These groups play without offside.

CORNER KICKS: These are taken at the U8, U9 and U10 halfway through the goal post and the corner flag and will be shot in or dribbled. At the U11 and U12, these are taken from the corners of the playing field.

PENALTY KICK: Penalty kick is taken 8 meters from the goal. Penalty kicks are awarded for serious violations within the “goal area” and/or for the deliberate deprivation of a clear goal-scoring opportunity. All players, except the goalkeeper, go behind the ball.

FREE KICK: All free kicks are direct and may be shot in or dribbled into. The opponents must be 5m away from the taker.

Rules U13 to U17
All U13 matches are played according to the normal applicable KNVB rules.
Only corner kicks in the U13 are taken from the line between the corner flag and the goal post.
In the dug-outs there are only trainers and players. The rest of the spectators stand behind the fence near the fields.