2nd Brabant Summer Cup 25 – 26 May 2024

The Brabant Summer Cup is a two-day international football tournament in the south of the Netherlands, with hopefully teams from the following countries Belgium, Germany, England, France, Denmark and the Netherlands.

This tournament is for all teams.

It is ideal that everything is on 1 sports complex from

BSC Roosendaal Nispenseweg 1, 4707 RA Roosendaal

On Saturday, each team will play 3 or 4 games in their group, and on Sunday you will play at least 3 games.


U9 born in (2015) 7 v 7 half pitch
U10 born in(2014) 7 v 7 half pitch
U11 born in(2013) 8 v 8 half pitch
U12 born in(2012) 8 v 8 half pitch
U13 born in(2011) 11v 11 full pitch
U14 born in(2010) 11 v 11 full pitch
U15 born in(2009) 11 v 11 full pitch

All teams play at least 6 matches in 2 days.

All teams play on both days!

Fields: This tournament is played on natural and artificial grass.

All players receive a medal

1st 2nd 3rd place get a nice Trophy.

Best player
Best Goalkeeper
Fair Play Cup


Friday 24 May 2024

3 pm arrival accommodation

Saturday 25 May 2024

9:00 am Opening Ceremony
10:00: am Group matches according to tournament schedule

Sunday, 26 May 2024
10:00 am Group matches according to tournament schedule
3:30 pm Start of the semi-finals and finals
5:30 pm Grand award ceremony with trophy presentation

Tournament program will be posted on this website in the match App 3 weeks before the tournament.

Winner 2022

U8/U9 Whyteleafe (Eng)

U10/U11 USV Hercules (Hol)

U14/U15 BSC Roosendaal (Hol)